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In today’s fast-evolving world, the Ten Second Triage System emerges as the paramount solution during the critical aftermath of unforeseen incidents. This innovative triage system arose from the pressing necessity for prompt medical intervention during emergencies, a lesson starkly highlighted by the tragic events of the Manchester Arena bombing. The crucial ‘care gap’, the time between injury occurrence and the commencement of effective treatment, stands as the pivotal factor between life and death.

These Triage Tags aim to substantially diminish this waiting period. It empowers first responders with the essential tools to act swiftly and efficiently. Despite its compact form, this system delivers a robust performance. Fully waterproof and highly visible, it not only ensures ease of carry but also reliability across diverse conditions. It serves as an indispensable asset for individuals likely to assume roles as first responders in scenarios involving multiple casualties, offering a streamlined, effective approach to initiating triage and bridging the ‘care gap’ effectively. Its intuitive design caters to the demanding needs of frontline situations, facilitating critical tasks under pressure with ease.

  • High Visibility Design
  • Cost Effective
  • High Quality Materials – 100% Waterproof, Unrippable
  • Latex Free Bands for easy attachment
  • Easy to write on and attach Barcodes
  • Lightweight
  • UK Manufactured
  • Can be attached easily to any limb or attached to clothing or anything else easily

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly design, ensuring effortless application.
  2. Compatible with patients wearing thick layers of clothing.
  3. Simple removal and replacement as needed.
  4. High visibility in all environments.
  5. Reflective design for enhanced visibility under various lighting conditions (such as torchlight).
  6. Made to NHS guidance
  7. Cost-effective and hardwearing
  8. Durable and suitable for multiple uses, ensuring longevity.
  9. Conveniently rollable for effortless storage.

All colours available

Priority Colour Description
1 – Immediate Red Requires lifesaving treatment immediately and has time critical life-threatening injuries
2 – Urgent Yellow Requires significant intervention as soon as possible

Injured or unwell and are unable to walk

3 – Delayed Green Requires medical intervention but not with any urgency

Can walk to treatment

Not breathing Silver Breathing not detected

Additional information

Band Type

P1 – Red, P2 – Yellow, P3 – Green, Not – Breathing Silver

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