Custom Kit

Got a piece of kit that you wished
had that something extra?

Well now you can with the
SAR Store Custom Kit offering!

We can alter, add and create that extra something to make your kit just right for you.
Can’t find it in a shop? – Then let us make it for you!

We have an industrial JUKI sewing machine and access to some of the best materials known to man.
We can add callsigns, names and create bespoke items to your requirements.

Created so far:

  • Team Encapsulated Badges
  • Custom Chest Packs
  • Adding Reflective Tape
  • Custom Water Bladder
  • Custom Performance T-Shirts
  • Additional HK hooks/D links
  • Custom Finders Bag
  • Lowland Rescue badges
  • Bag refurbishment

Start your project today by getting in touch with us