NHS TEN SECOND Triage tool A5 Cards (Pack of 10)


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NHS TEN SECOND Triage tool A5 Cards (Pack of 10)

The NHS unveiled a user-friendly triage tool in April 2023, designed to assist non-medical professionals like Police Officers, Firefighters, and Coastguards in effectively triaging mass casualties during significant incidents.

The Ten Second Triage Tool is a must know for anyone working in the Public Services, Security, Medical Responders and loads of other areas.

Pack of Ten A5 Double Sided Cards

These Ten Second Triage algorithm cards with casualty count printed on the reverse side. Pack of 10 cards.

Made on high quality card in the UK


Below is the NHS information on the 10 Second Triage Tool

The Ten Second Triage tool shows the recommended priority triage routes depending on incident characteristics. Each has a ‘yes’, which guides you to the next question, or ‘no’ answer which determines priority (P1, P2 and P3) or Dead. Clinical instruction is in bold.

Walking – Yes = P3

Severe bleeding – Yes – Pressure, Tourniquet, Packing = P1

Talking – Yes – Penetrating injury (front or back) Yes = P1 – No = P2

Breathing – open airway if able – Place in recovery position Yes = P1. No Note breathing – CPR if resources allow.

The tool then sets out the METHANE model – which brings structure and clarity to the initial stages of managing any multi-agency or major incident.

M – Major incident

E – Exact location

T – Type of incident

H – Hazardous

A – Access

N – Number of casualties

E – Emergency services

The tool then provides option boxes to number how many patients are in each category of priority – P1, P2 and P3 as well as Not breathing from 1 to 19.