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NHS TEN SECOND Triage Pack – (Casualty labelling following triage) – Ten Second Triage Tool TST

This pack uses the UK Outdoor Manufacturing (UKOM) Folder that has been designed and Manufactured in the UK by UK Emergency Services

The folder has been designed using the highest quality tactical materials and is reinforced to ensure the slap bands sit effectively and hold 2 PVC A5 Ten Second Triage Tool Cards.


Pack Contains

Red UKOM Folder – (Reinforced with pockets for bands and cards) – Velcro Closure.

5 of each Slap Band (20 Bands in total)

2 x PVC Ten Second Triage Cards (Fully weatherproof)


Further Information

Introducing a brand new collection of triage bands, meticulously crafted in collaboration with the NHS Ten Second Triage Algorithm, catering specifically to the needs of first-responders. A must have for those working in the Publice Services including Police and Fire Service.

Key Features:

  1. User-friendly design, ensuring effortless application.
  2. Compatible with patients wearing thick layers of clothing.
  3. Simple removal and replacement as needed.
  4. High visibility in all environments.
  5. Reflective design for enhanced visibility under various lighting conditions (such as torchlight).
  6. Made to NHS guidance on size and colour (measuring 300mm x 50mm).
  7. Remarkably cost-effective when compared to other alternatives.
  8. Durable and suitable for multiple uses, ensuring longevity.
  9. Conveniently rollable for effortless storage.


Priority Colour Description
1 – Immediate Red Requires lifesaving treatment immediately and has time critical life-threatening injuries
2 – Urgent Yellow Requires significant intervention as soon as possible

Injured or unwell and are unable to walk

3 – Delayed Green Requires medical intervention but not with any urgency

Can walk to treatment

Not breathing Silver Breathing not detected