Medic Bag kit Organisation Labels


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These Heavy duty medical bag kit organisation labels are available individually or as a full pack of 10.
Great for adding to you first aid pouches, first aid kits and responder bags!

  • Heavy duty labels
  • Each label is approx. 10cm x 3cm
  • Labels available
    • Red with white text
      • Massive Haemorrhage
      • Catastrophic Haemorrhage
      • Circulation
    • Green with white text
      • Airway
      • Laryngeal Airways
      • Nasopharyngeal Airways
    • Yellow with black text
      • Breathing
      • Respiration
    • Blue with white text
      • Damage
      • Head Injury / Hypothermia


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Massive Haemorrhage, Catastrophic Haemorrhage, Circulation, Airway, Laryngeal Airways, Nasopharyngeal Airways, Breathing, Respiration, Damage, Head Injury / Hypothermia, Full set