LED Lenser P7.2 and LED Lenser P3 dual Pack


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Coupling two exceptional, specially developed devices to cover all of your lighting needs.

This pack contains the Led Lenser® P7.2 and a free Led Lenser® P3 keychain torch.

Exhibiting the latest in handheld torch technology, the Led Lenser® P7.2 offers excellent flood and spot lighting in a lightweight package.

The torch utilises the Advanced Focus System, which combines the lens and reflector to deliver an extra wide flood beam for close-up visibility and a focused spot beam for excellent long distance visibility. The Speed Focus system allows for sharp, quick refocusing that can be done with one hand, whilst the Dynamic Switch offers three different power options and is specifically designed for ease of operation when wearing gloves.

When all of these features combine, it is easy to see why this torch is a worldwide bestseller.

Teamed with the Led Lenser® P7.2, is the smaller Led Lenser® P3, an extra lightweight device that offers a Max Lumens of 16 and can easily be attached to a keychain, making sure you are never without a light source, whatever your pursuit.


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