Klick Fast Stick on dock


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Klick Fast Stick On Dock is supplied with a strong self-adhesive pad that can be used for mounting on any flat surface, in vehicles, walls or on other flat surfaces where there is little exposure to damp or wet conditions.

The slim, durable connector is the heart of the Klick Fast system. Simply sliding the connector into any Klick Fast dock locks it securely in place.

Once docked the equipment can be rotated to any of seven positions and it will remain held in place thanks to Klick Fast’s inbuilt ratchet positioner but released instantly when required.

With options allowing you to use uniform equipment loops, mic tags and belts, everything from your radio systems, handcuffs, torches and mobile phones can be docked with Klick Fast fittings, distributing weight and bulk comfortably and securely around your body.