Keychain mini LED Flashlight


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Pair of Keychain mini LED Flashlights in a soft case


There are four lighting modes:

  1. strong light
  2. medium light
  3. strobe
  4. long press super bright

Can be used as a bottle opener, and is equipped with a magnetic base design, which can be fixed on metal surfaces.

Built-in rechargeable battery can last 1-4 hours.

Ideal for hiking or daily use.


Light source type: 30 COB wicks

Material: Aluminum alloy+ PC

Lighting mode: strong light – medium light – flash – long press super bright

Size: 6*4*2cm

Time: 4 hours (1.5 hours highlighted)

Brightness: 1000 lumens

Battery capacity: 500mAh

Charging method: Type-c charging

Net weight/gross weight: 42.9g/63.9g

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