Coast WLR1 Rechargeable LED Work Light


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The WLR1 is one of the torches in Coast’s new range of work lights and is a rechargeable unit that provides a high output of 1290 lumens from a single white LED.

Dual power options means that the light can use the built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is great for away from home or work, or it can also be continuously used when connected to mains power with the included micro USB to USB-A power cable which is great if you need to use it for long periods of time.

The same power cable will also charge up the internal lithium-ion battery, and the battery indicator on the back will show charge status as well as current battery status when not charging. Each of the four lights indicates status in 25% increments and when all four are solid the light is fully charged. As well as a micro USB port, the back of the work light also includes a standard USB-A port so that it can be used as a power bank to charge external devices such as a mobile phone.

What sets this apart from other work lights is that it has the ability to focus the beam using Coast’s Pure Beam Focusing Optic System to focus between the bulls-eye spot beam with a range of up to 106 metres, and the ultra view flood beam that gives a consistent circle of light with no dark circles in the middle. Changing between spot to flood is achieved by twisting the bezel of the light back and forth. For versatility the handle can be rotated around the main body 180° to be used as a stand or a hanging hook.

The light is operated using the power button located on the back and each press will cycle through high, mid and low, but after being in a mode longer than 5 seconds the next press will instead turn the light off.

The WLR1 is dust and water resistant to IP54 standards, making it perfect for a variety of outdoor activities.

Product Features

  • Heavy duty housing
  • Adjustable stand & focusing twist bezel
  • Three lighting levels & battery power indicator
  • Mains powered or battery powered

Operational Modes

  • High: 1290 lumens; 3 hours, 40 minutes run-time; 106 m beam range
  • Mid: 700 lumens; 7 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 78 m beam range
  • Low: 150 lumens; 15 hours run-time; 36 m beam range
  • Tested to FL1 standards using the built-in battery pack. Run-time is continuous when connected to the mains.

Technical Details

  • Type: Rechargeable LED work light
  • Operating Modes: High / Mid / Low
  • Luminous Flux: Up to 1290 lumens
  • LED: White LED
  • Focus: Spot to flood
  • Battery Required: Built-in lithium-ion battery or can be mains powered
  • Dimensions: 121.9 x 170.2 x 68.6 mm
  • Weight: 700 g approx.
  • Switch Type: Single power button
  • Environmental: Dust and water resistant to IP54 standard
  • Warranty: 5 years

Packaging and Contents

  • Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
  • Coast WLR1 work light x 1
  • Micro USB to USB-A power cable x 1
  • Manual x 1