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The Coast RL20R is a rechargeable head torch offering white, red and green light outputs with an impressive 1000 lumen output when the flood and spot beam are combined.

The Coast RL20R features the Variable Light Control technology plus the Ultra View Flood beam and the Bulls-Eye Spot beam. These features allow complete control of the beam and brightness making it perfect for a variety of tasks.

Two independent switches on the top of the RL20R control the separate beams with the left button controlling the spot beam and the right controlling the flood beam. To turn either beam on or off simply press the push button. The beams can be used independently or combined. To adjust the brightness turn the rotary control which is located behind the push buttons. Turn left to dim or right to increase the brightness.

The centre button control the red and green outputs, press once for the red output or twice quickly for the green. The red and green lights are perfect for preserving night vison.

The back safety light is controlled independently by a push button in the centre of the light. One press turns the light onto the flashing red out while and double pressing turns it on to the constant red output.

The RL20R is rechargeable via the USB-C port on the side of battery pack. Simply lift the dust cover and charge using the included USB-C cable. The charging indicator will slowly flash until all four lights are green indicting a full charge. The charging indicator will also show the level of charge when the head torch is first turned on.

The hinged bracket allows you to angle the light downwards to further assist with the task at hand and the adjustable reflective mesh head band ensures safety and comfort.

Operational Modes

Combined High: 1000 lumens; 2 hours run-time; 179 m beam range
Combined Low: 84 lumens; 9 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 49 m beam range
Flood High: 620 lumens; 2 hours, 30 minutes run-time; 73 m beam range
Flood Low: 40 lumens; 17 hours run-time; 17 m beam range
Spot High: 690 lumens; 4 hours, 15 minutes run-time; 187 m beam range
Spot Low: 45 lumens; 16 hours run-time; 46 m beam range

Technical Details

Type: LED head torch
Operating Modes: Combined High / Combined Low / Flood High
Flood Low / Spot High / Spot Low / Red / Green
Luminous Flux: Up to 1000 lumens
Beam Range: Up to 179 m
Focus: Spot to flood
Batteries Required: Built-in lithium-ion battery
Weight: 132 grams
Strap: Adjustable mesh
Switch Type: Independent push buttons and rotary switch
Environmental: Water resistant to IPX4 standard
Warranty: Lifetime

Packaging and Contents

Supplied in retail packaging and includes:
Coast Rl20R LED head torch x 1
1 metre USB-C charging cable x 1
Manual x 1

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