Lowland Rescue

Lowland Rescue teams provide Search & Rescue support to the emergency services alongside Mountain Rescue, Cave Rescue, RNLI and others. The Association of Lowland Search & Rescue (ALSAR) is our representative body.

Lowland Rescue teams work ‘From Hill to High Water’  in over 30 counties of the UK (and all of Northern Ireland).Our mandate is identical to our better known cousins in Mountain Rescue, and the two bodies work closely. We both search for, and bring to safety, anyone in need of help.

Lowland Rescue teams are set up for individual Police services, but because of common training and expertise can work together on large-scale or cross-border searches without a problem.

Teams vary, but as well as foot-team search specialists, many teams have Search Dogs, medical response units, water rescue teams, mountain bike and boat search crews and close affiliations with other response agencies such as 4×4 Response, St John Ambulance and Red Cross.

ALSAR, which is the body coordinating the individual Lowland Rescue teams, is a member of the UKSAR Operators Group and are reciprocal associate members of Mountain Rescue England & Wales.